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Digital Marketplace – GenZ's Gateway to Telco Products and Services

06 January 2021 • 10 Mins Read

Digital Marketplace Concept Illustration

The new generation of B2B marketplaces is not “one size fits all.” The new B2B marketplaces fall into one of two main categories — niche players and market leaders. The niche players are businesses that are focused on a particular niche market or community of users. The market leaders are businesses that already have a large customer base, have a lot of organic web traffic, and want to grow even bigger by offering more choices to their existing customers.

In today’s GenZ's world, Service Providers need to look beyond traditional Voice, Text, and Data services, which has become an imminent and immediate need. The rapid evolution of cloud Models/Platforms, Open Architecture, and shift in customer behaviors, provides Service Providers the right opportunity to venture into new verticals and create an eco-system that helps to build new business models and revenue streams. Agreement with different players from multiple verticals would stand crucial to cater to dynamic customer needs. Service Providers should enable an ecosystem that would cater to the launching of offerings faster than ever. This is where the concept of Telecom Marketplace comes into the picture.

Digital Business Marketplace (DBM) platforms are built with Open APIs on the principle to bring Service Providers, Partners, and Enterprise Customers are on the same platform powered with a “real-time engagement” with Vendors via host service provider platform. Each of these entities has a specific role to play on the DBM Platform. DBM Platform provides convergence of multiple products and services which complement each other which can be mixed and matched based on the Business scenarios and avoiding the homogeneous way of setting up the enterprise business.

Digital Marketplace Platform

In today’s pandemic situation, each entity is using online media to cater to various users' day-to-day needs. Keeping this in mind, DBM provided a new WoW (Way of Working) for Enterprise Market. DBM can provide a strong relationship between Service Providers and their partners to launch new Monetization Streams. DBM's business model can easily digitize the enterprise, partners, and customers' needs.

DBM comes with below main features: Easy Onboarding for Wholesaler, Partner, Customer, Zero-touch Partnering and Omni-channel Buying, Digital Contract Management, Invoice Management, Payments, Remittance, Settlements and Collections, Ad Management.

If you are a service provider and would like to bolster your digital marketing efforts, get in touch with us and we’ll guide you on your path to online success!