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How can new generation MVNOs gain the business edge?

20 February 2022 • 10 Mins Read

MVNO Gain Chart

With the advent of new technologies and business models, MVNOs already know that the business systems need to be flexible and capable of handling changing business scenarios and to provide superior customer experience.

If you are planning to launch new services and the existing business systems are not supporting your growth strategies, you may need to think of the 3 options below:

  1. Upgrade from traditional legacy solution - This would be a recurring expense to keep it up to date
  2. Spend on an in-house solution - A deviation from your core business and would need a focused approach. This is an expensive and difficult option as you need a team of experts to develop and maintain
  3. Invest in a future-focused digital BSS - The go-to option that helps transform the legacy systems so that operators can concentrate on their core business plans

BSS sits at the heart of any MVNO business, and this is the place where the processes are set to transform operator offerings into revenue. So, selection of a solution plays a critical role in transforming future risks into opportunities.

There are some key aspects that facilitate an MVNO to zero in on the right fit digital BSS solution to provide enhanced customer experience and to stay ahead in the game.

Let’s look at the 8 aspects that need to be considered while evaluating a solution for next-gen MVNOs:

  1. Cloud native - A cloud-native solution provides flexibility to scale systems as per operator’s need and helps to have a system that’s always upgraded with automatic updates and zero down-time. It also helps to lower CAPEX and optimize OPEX.
  2. Microservices based solution - The MVNOs need to move away from legacy systems to adopt agile, flexible, and cloud-based microservices solution. This enables the operators to introduce new and innovative offerings rapidly and scale the systems in line with the needs.
  3. Pre-packaged functionality – To launch services with less efforts, advanced pre-packaged functionality becomes essential. A ready-to-implement solution can decrease the project time with no time spent on additional upkeep or development.
  4. Customization and integration – The solution should be flexible for customizations to suit your requirements and should include the tools to manage and enhance. The solution should support seamless integration into existing systems and their workflows with minimal efforts.
  5. Future proof solution - The solution should support 2G through 5G and new technologies like IoT, AI, ML, etc on a single solution. Giving the right tools to telco operators, they need to develop required solutions and deliver personalized user experience cost-effectively. The solution should support the operator’s growth strategies. This means it should support the MVNO operator to quickly launch and monetize new offerings while helping achieve success in scaling the business, etc.
  6. Multitenant and customized branding – The solution should allow service providers to concurrently offer services to multiple companies and businesses with secure separation among customers with total white labelling and multi-tenancy capabilities.
  7. Simplified digital customer experience – Right from discovery, acquisition, onboarding, gaining actionable insights, and self-care, there are numerous needs for an MVNO. The solution should address these needs of partners and both retail & enterprise customers. This results in operators providing simple and unified digital experience for customers. The digital experience involves the activities to shop, get a quote, buy, and use. The MVNO solution should operate with full automation ranging from activation of offerings to simple shopping cart activities.
  8. Solution provider profile – What should an MVNO look for in a solution provider profile?
  • Experience in transition, migration, and project management
  • Proven domain expertise with similar implementations and customer references
  • Maintenance and support services offered
  • Provides flexible pricing structure allowing you to pay for only what is needed
  • The provider invests in innovations and enhances the solution regularly
  • A partner approach rather than a vendor approach

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