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Reimagining Digital BSS to accelerate digital transformation of telecom operators

20 July 2023 • 10 Mins Read

Digital BSS Concept Illustration

Digital transformation has become a necessity for telecom operators as the industry’s landscape is constantly evolving with emerging new technologies. In 2023, digital transformation isn’t just about integrating emerging technologies to automate business processes. It is rethinking of how digital technologies can be leveraged to generate value and respond to changing market scenarios.

A vital part of this transformation is building future-ready networks and investing in digital operations and business support systems (OSS/BSS) that are efficient, scalable, flexible, and collaborative.

As telecom companies strive to keep pace with the rapidly evolving digital landscape, digital BSS plays a critical role in the operator’s digital transformation journey. This involves managing critical information, helping streamline and optimize business operations and costs, enhancing customer experiences, offering personalized bundles & packages to drive revenue growth, data driven innovation among others.

A cloud native Digital BSS provides operators with the necessary tools and applications to achieve all the above and more. Besides this, it plays a critical role in some key areas to accelerate digital transformation like:

Support strategic goals - Digital BSS supports business objectives of the telecom operator’s digital transformation programs which helps them move towards their strategic goals to evolve as a:

  • Best-in-class connectivity provider
  • Multi-play operator (fixed, mobile, TV, broadband) by partnering with digital service providers
  • Full digital service provider offering a range of digital solutions
  • Platform provider working with partners to bring their services to market

Embrace new technologies – Adopting emerging technologies like 5G, IoT, AI, Cloud computing, edge computing and more allows operators to launch new digital services using innovative business models. BSS systems can automate the process of service provisioning and activation, ensuring that services are delivered to customers promptly.

Overcome barriers – Overcoming technical barriers is essential to accelerate digital transformation journey, drive innovation and business growth. BSS plays a critical role in overcoming them by:

  1. Quick integrations - Telecom operators often face challenges integrating with legacy systems. Digital BSS can play a critical role in overcoming this by providing a platform for integrating legacy systems with new digital technologies.
  2. Breaking data silos - The massive amount of data generated are often stored in silos, making it difficult to access and analyze. BSS systems can help in breaking them and further aid in data integration and analysis.
  3. Cross-functional collaboration - Telecom operators are often characterized by organizational silos that can impede collaboration and innovation. BSS systems can provide a platform for cross-functional collaboration by providing a single source of truth.

In conclusion, as digital transformation continues to evolve, the role of BSS in the telecom industry will become even more critical in ensuring that telecom companies can keep pace with the ever-changing digital landscape. Adopting a 5G-capable, cloudified digital BSS can help operators become more agile, flexible, and competitive, enabling them to capitalize on new market opportunities.