Csmart 5G Solution: Unlocking 5G opportunities

Enter the forefront of telecom innovation. In the dynamic world of 5G, discover Csmart 5G Solution — a cloud & PaaS agnostic solution. This microservices-based architecture enables the service-centric 5G network architecture. Csmart API-first approach, reduces the complexity of operations, allows easy integration to external systems and third-party applications. With many such features, Csmart helps service providers of any size deliver innovative 5G enabled BSS services that are both monetizable and profitable.

From Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) to Mobile Virtual Network Enablers (MVNEs) to private network deployments, the 5G landscape is diverse and dynamic. In this rapidly evolving digital ecosystem, Csmart stands as a beacon of innovation, poised to empower service providers across the spectrum.

Csmart seamlessly integrates with UCaaS, offering smart digital services enhanced by the power of 5G technology. This partnership enhances communications by offering fast, reliable capabilities for applications ranging from video conferencing to real-time data analytics, significantly reducing latency and boosting connectivity.

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Csmart for MVNOs: Empowering Digital Transformation

In today's dynamic telco landscape, MVNOs are harnessing the transformative potential of 5G technology to revolutionize their services, expand revenue streams, and ensure their competitive business edge. The 5G buzz has sparked a digital revolution, and MVNOs are seizing the opportunity to embark on a digital transformation journey.

To thrive in the 5G era, MVNOs need a cloud-native, flexible, and scalable SaaS Digital platform that can manage the entire spectrum of the digital customer experience, from Concept to Cash to Care.

Csmart - Your Path to Digital Excellence

Csmart's 5G business solution empowers MVNOs to capitalize on the limitless possibilities of 5G. This solution supports a diverse range of MVNOs, including consumer, enterprise, IoT, and more, and provides the essential functionalities to evolve from light MVNOs to full MVNOs, and even into MVNAs and MVNEs.

Csmart microservices-based, end-to-end Subscription Monetization platform is aligned with TM Forum ODA and Open API standards. It delivers a comprehensive suite of subscription monetization capabilities, including CRM, customer order management, inventory, voucher management, product catalog, campaign & loyalty. To enhance the customer journey and drive recurring revenue, Csmart features converged rating & charging, billing & revenue management, and partner management & wholesale billing.

Strategic Features that Drive MVNO Business Success

360° Customer View

Obtain a holistic view of your customers, mapping their journey from Concept to Cash to Care within the 5G ecosystem.

Central Product Catalog

Streamline your product offerings with a centralized catalog and automated order orchestration, perfectly suited for the 5G landscape.

Flexible Pricing

Pay as You Grow - Adapt and scale effortlessly in the dynamic 5G market.

Multi-Tenant Solution

Operate globally with ease, supporting multiple languages and currencies, while reaching a broader customer base.

Modular Architecture

Evolve your capabilities organically to meet the evolving demands of the 5G world.

Diverse Business Models

Cater to an array of segments - B2C , B2B and B2B2x all within the vibrant 5G ecosystem.

Unlocking Business Benefits

Competitive Edge

Stay at the forefront of the 5G revolution by offering a spectrum of services, from Retail to Wholesale, IoT, Utility, and Cloud.

Cost Optimization

Streamline expenses by reducing both CAPEX and OPEX.

Rapid Time-to-Market

Launch new services swiftly, responding to market demands with 5G agility.

Effective Partner Management

Navigate the complexities of managing partners, dealers, and contracts with confidence, which is a crucial business need in the 5G era.

Data-Driven Insights

Leverage advanced analytics for personalized 5G customer experiences and targeted offerings.

Enhanced Digital Customer Engagement

Provide a seamless, omni-channel 5G experience that ensures customer loyalty and engagement.

In the epoch of 5G, Csmart empowers MVNOs to unlock the full potential of this transformative technology.

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Unleash Competitive Brilliance for Your MVNOs in the Age of 5G

Csmart for MVNEs: Empowering xVNO Evolution in the 5G Era

In today's telco world, MVNOs are evolving rapidly across sectors such as banking, retail, media, lifestyle, and M2M. The advent of 5G technology is catalysing this transformation, bringing forth a myriad of demands and opportunities.

They demand full autonomy, wanting to operate independently from their host MNOs. They seek rapid innovation to launch innovative 5G services quickly and precise customer engagement for effective acquisition and retention. Diverse business models, from B2C to B2B and complex B2B2X, are vital. Financial flexibility, choosing between CAPEX and OPEX models, shapes their strategies. In this era, efficient SaaS digital BSS platforms are crucial for MVNOs, helping them harmonize with 5G's possibilities.

Csmart: Paving the Way for Excellence in the 5G Ecosystem

Csmart 5G business solution of MVNE is a cloud-native SaaS platform, designed for rapid MVNO setup and operation coordinated with 5G innovation. Tailored for MVNEs, it optimizes costs, fosters differentiation, and generates revenue streams. With the flexibility to deploy on public/private clouds, on-premises, or hybrid setups, it adapts seamlessly to the 5G landscape. Modular and scalable, Csmart can host limitless MVNOs, supporting the evolving 5G ecosystem. From onboarding to troubleshooting, Csmart accompanies MVNOs throughout their lifecycle, orchestrating 5G's dynamic possibilities harmoniously. Csmart is an essential tool for service providers navigating the complexities of the modern telco network.

Key MVNE Platform Features in the 5G Orbit

TM Forum ODA and Open API Compliance

Crafted on the bedrock of industry standards, seamlessly integrating, and speaking the language of 5G.

Cloud-Native Agility

Designed to host multiple MVNOs/VNOs on a single platform, leveraging the cloud's transformative power in the 5G era.

Open API Architecture

Paving the 5G expressway for effortless third-party integrations, propelling collaborative innovation to the forefront

Robust Operations and Business Support Systems

Ensuring unswerving efficiency and reliability, resonating with the reliability of 5G connectivity.

Smart Care

Unleashing the power of self-service models adorned with an intuitive UI for the seamless creation of cutting-edge products, embarking on a smart ticketing journey fueled by 5G intelligence.

Support for All MVNO Types

Enveloping the entire MVNO spectrum, from Consumer to B2B, IoT/M2M, and other purpose-built MVNOs, riding the 5G wave.

End-to-End MVNE Services

Covering every facet, from MNO network connectivity and SIM fulfillment to the grand orchestration of wholesale and retail billing, the epic saga of 5G excellence.

Converged Rating and Charging Engine

Seamlessly conducting the 5G symphony, supporting 5G SA and NSA (Standardized options 2&3), transforming data into 5G gold.

5G Technology and IoT Pillars

Elevating connectivity into an art form, crafting bespoke 5G connectivity packages for the burgeoning xVNOs (Extended Virtual Network Operators).

Multi-Tenant, Multi-Language, Multi-Country, and Multi-Currency Support

A global overture orchestrated to speak the language of telco 5G across borders.

Highly Customizable, Scalable, and Secure

Adapting to the 5G rhythm, amplifying the security and scalability paradigm.

Partner-Enabled Marketplace

Empowering MVNOs to metamorphose into xVNOs, a 5G-powered network evolution of unparalleled proportions.

Business Benefits in the 5G Paradigm

Cost Optimization

A modular SaaS platform trimming the fat from CAPEX, optimizing OPEX, ensuring lean, mean 5G efficiency.

Accelerated Time-to-Market

Embrace the 5G zeitgeist with a cloud-native approach, swiftly launching MVNOs to surf the 5G wave of innovation.

Future-Ready Prowess

Seamlessly adapt to new 5G-driven business models, generating additional revenue streams.

Effortless Integration

Speed up MVNO launches through the harmonious integration of the 5G symphony.

Innovative Branding

Rapidly differentiate your brand in the competitive 5G market, efficiently acquiring new customers.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Offer self-service options across various touchpoints, creating a genuine 5G digital experience.

Responsive, Agile, Scalable

Unlock new revenue streams by promptly launching distinct 5G service propositions, powered by APIs.

Easy Integration

Seamlessly connect with all systems, infrastructure, and third-party systems via Open APIs, leveraging multiple network core partners, mirroring the interconnectedness of the 5G ecosystem.

Csmart empowers MVNEs to surf the tidal wave of 5G innovation, enabling MVNOs to embark on an evolutionary journey toward becoming xVNOs, transforming their operational rhythms to the resounding symphony of 5G.

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Empowering Private 5G Networks for Tomorrow's Enterprises

Csmart for Private 5G: Unlocking the Potential of Enterprise Networks

In an era where 5G technology promises unprecedented connectivity, Private 5G networks emerge as a quick, feasible, and direct solution for enterprises to harness its transformative capabilities. With global 5G deployment rates skyrocketing, traditional CSPs and telcos might struggle to meet the burgeoning demands of 5G-driven businesses in time. Here lies the importance of private networks, allowing enterprises to swiftly leverage 5G technology and its associated capabilities.

How Csmart Addresses Private 5G

Through our cutting-edge Csmart suite platform, we facilitate the seamless release of private network monetization, catering to the specific needs of businesses.

Private networks offer enterprises guaranteed coverage, network control, superior performance, heightened security, and innovative monetization models. Csmart Business solution for Private 5G revolves around replacing legacy, hardware-centric networks with a cloud-native, easily deployable digital product - Csmart. By accelerating digitalization, Csmart empowers private network solutions, ensuring they function seamlessly for both operators and enterprises.

Key Features and Benefits

Network Slicing Capabilities

Tailor your network to suit various enterprise needs through efficient network slicing, optimizing resources and ensuring a consistent user experience.

5G SA and NSA Compatibility

Csmart seamlessly integrates with both Standalone (SA) and Non-Standalone (NSA) 5G modes, providing businesses with the flexibility to choose the best fit for their requirements.

Win-Win Scenarios

Operators and enterprises can share revenue by deploying additional capacities for HD video consumers, paving the way for mutually beneficial partnerships.

Enhanced CRM

Private 5G networks provide comprehensive remote diagnostics, inspection, and maintenance capabilities across various industry segments, improving data quality through our efficient Csmart mobile app.

Monetization Opportunities

By offering private and dedicated networks for manufacturing, production, supply chains, and various business sectors like sports arenas, hospitals, conventional centres, railways, and many other business sectors., both operators and enterprises unlock new avenues for revenue generation.

Unlocking Business Benefits

Innovative Services

Leverage the low-latency capabilities of private 5G to introduce innovative services like augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and IoT applications. These new offerings create additional revenue streams for your enterprise.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

The integration of Csmart enhances overall operational efficiency, reducing downtime and improving network reliability. This leads to uninterrupted business processes and increased productivity.

Competitive Edge

Stay ahead of the competition by providing enhanced, low-latency services powered by private 5G. This positions your enterprise as a market leader, attracting new customers and retaining existing ones.

Scalable Solutions

Csmart's modular design allows for easy scalability, accommodating the growing needs of enterprises as they expand.

Data Security

Csmart's robust security measures safeguard sensitive data, maintaining customer trust and ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.

Future-Ready Infrastructure

As your enterprise evolves, Csmart's scalable architecture and support for emerging technologies ensure that your private 5G network remains at the forefront of innovation.

As we step into the future, Csmart is poised to transform private 5G networks into the backbone of tomorrow's enterprises. Experience the potential of our solution.

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