Csmart  Case


Enhance Personalized Customer Service Experience  with Csmart Case

Csmart Case is crafted to accelerate the customer support process by enabling service providers to offer effective solutions for customer requests and issues. Committed to ensure exceptional customer satisfaction and to minimizes the turnaround times for delivering precise solutions.

A standout feature is the automatic categorization of cases based on certain descriptions, instantly assigning them to the appropriate support teams.

Unified Case Centralization
Centralizing cases from various digital channels (mobile app, web-self-care, contact centers, IVR) through a service-agnostic framework with customizable no-code extensions for streamlined case tracking.
Automated Case Assignment
Immediate customer satisfaction by promptly assigning cases to experts based on their workload, experience, efficiency and case criticality. Ensuring a continuous match to deliver effective solutions.
Continuous Tracking and Acceleration
Frequent case tracking and accelerated solutions heighten customer satisfaction. Pre-built open API integrations with product catalogue, billing systems, account information, and approval management to expedite root cause analysis.
AI-Powered Personalized Solutions
With advanced AI/ML algorithms and Natural Language Processing, Csmart Case offers automated classification and personalized solutions, driven by sentiment analysis and prioritized resolutions.
Programmed Case Generation
To improve business operations via automated digital workflows, prior to customer awareness of issues the system generates cases automatically.
Real-Time Case Trend Insights
Gain insights into live case trends through our comprehensive dashboard, enabling businesses to deliver lasting solutions for impeccable system performance.


Business Benefits

Minimizing Paperwork through Digital Records

Csmart Case enables the tracking and record-keeping of case-related content to store in a cloud-based system by reducing paperwork.

Enhance Employee Productivity and Work Efficiency

Utilize Csmart Case to promote teamwork, enabling multiple employees to collaborate on optimal solutions through active communication and collaboration.

Increased Transparency and Accountability

Empowers transparency by tracking every user action taken on a case, ensuring record-keeping and enabling effortless inspections to stay in control.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Executing case management guarantees customers receive adapted care and issue resolution, reducing waiting time and resulting in better outcomes and increased satisfaction.