Csmart  Configure, Price and Quote


Simplify the Sales Process with Csmart CPQ

Csmart CPQ is designed to empower sales team and partners to configure complex products, pricing, discounts, and business rules to meet customer requirements. The system is fully centralized and automated, with real-time collaboration. Integration of the Csmart CPQ with the CRM system ensures an accurate automated quote generation process.

Easy-to-Use Configuration
Csmart CPQ enables CSP’s to create faster quotes with easy configuration selection using intuitive UI, eliminating errors in quote selection. Attain complete pricing control, including dynamic discounts, even for complex products.
Flexible Pricing
Effortlessly generate precise quotes with up-to-date pricing and profitability control using our robust pricing configuration.
Efficient Quotation
Create detailed and crystal-clear quotes in minutes with granular product and pricing breakdowns, including contract terms.
Unified Sales Process
Optimizes the sales journey from lead to Quotes, consolidating the sales process and streamlining workflows for sales team and partners, ensuring a cohesive and efficient experience.


Business Benefits

Higher Efficiency

Csmart CPQ streamlines your quote, order, and production cycles, ensuring error-free operations.

Shorter Sales Cycles

It shortens sales cycles by quickly generating accurate quotes, leading to faster deal closures.

Increase Quoting Capacity

Csmart CPQ speeds up quote creation, expanding your ability to produce more quotes while maintaining quality.

Empower Teams

Effective CPQ implementation empowers sales, enabling a wider range of team members to confidently discuss product specifics with clients.

Enhanced Tracking
Maximize Success

It guarantees enhancing the appeal of quotes and leveraging the best practices.