Boost Dealer Operations with Comprehensive Dealer Management Workflows


Csmart Dealer Management addresses every business aspect of dealer operations to run a dealership effortlessly, manage complex role hierarchies, streamline onboarding, optimize inventory, automate purchase orders, and maintain versatile role adaptability.

Flexi Role-Hierarchy

Manage intricate multi-dealer roles effortlessly.

Streamlined Onboarding

Simplify compliance checks, and role assignments for an easy dealer onboarding experience.

Mastering Inventory

Accurate stock tracking, efficient transfers, and returns for optimal operations.

Purchase Order Management

Automating order creation, approval, and tracking ensures precision and timeliness.

Procurement Lifecycle Control

Real-time updates, centralized communication, and analytics empower dealers with procurement lifecycle control.

Adaptive Roles

Seamlessly manage multiple roles within a single user account, adapting effortlessly to your dynamic responsibilities.

Easy Access Control

Combine multiple roles while retaining access and permissions, provides easy and adaptable access control to administration.

Mobile App Connectivity

Manage orders on-the-go with mobile compatibility.


Optimize Your Dealer Operations with Csmart: Streamlined Management, Enhanced Efficiency, and Robust Compliance


Business Benefits

Seamlessly Integrated Operations

Unify sales, inventory, finance, and customer management within a single platform for a simplified process.

Elevated Customer Experiences

Enjoy hassle-free onboarding, personalized profiles, and preference management for a smooth and swift experience.

Instant Insights

Access real-time data instantly on sales, inventory, finances and more. Customize dashboards and reports for valuable dealer insights.

Empowered Financial Management

Simplify invoicing, payment tracking, and expenses with integrated financial tools. Generate comprehensive reports, ensure tax compliance, and maintain a transparent audit trail with ease.

Unparalleled Compliance and Security

Prioritize dealer security and compliance with our solutions, safeguarding sensitive information and business operations.

Discover how you can transform the dealer network into a strategic asset for your business