Csmart  Inventory


Achieve Seamless Inventory Management and Expense optimization using Csmart Inventory

Csmart Inventory enables enterprises to maintain, track, and audit their various assets and service offerings in real-time. Digitalizing and managing huge inventories accurately is a crucial part of a hassle-free business.

Effortless Omnichannel Precision and Transparency
Purchases and asset sales across diverse channels such as CRM platforms, sales agents' mobile apps, and customer mobile apps are synchronized.
Real-time Tracking and Capturing
Ensure business continuity with real-time tracking and asset updates at every allocation stage, guaranteeing the right inventory is available in the right place and time.
Consolidate and Transfer Inventory
Centralize the stock and transfer to multiple warehouses as needed. It offers the traceability of your assets by synchronizing with your warehouse hierarchy.
Insightful AI powered Analytics and Reports
Instantly visualize inventory purchases, sales, stock levels, performance trends, and asset status, all within a single comprehensive view.
Automatic Alerting on Running Stockouts
With the objective of “supply meet demand” the system offers instant analysis of inventory running out-of-stock to the accountable team.


Business Benefits

Strengthened Supplier Relations

Csmart Inventory insights to negotiate favorable pricing and terms with suppliers based on sales trends.

Reduce Storage Costs

Reduce expenses by minimizing storage, handling, transportation, insurance, and labor costs associated with excess inventory.

Ensure Uninterrupted Production

Forecast demand and lead times to maintain continuous production without shortages.

Minimize Losses, Lower Expenses

Csmart Inventory mitigates losses and curtails maintenance expenditures with our real time tracking and analytics.

Cultivate Brand Value

Raises brand value through consistent product availability and reliable service.