Monitor and Act on Real-Time Analytical Data with Csmart Observability


Csmart Observability analyses the platform’s current state based on real-time data it collects, such as logs, metrics, and traces, and assemble the results in a dashboard for alert notifications. Csmart Observability leverages leading tools for logs, metrics, and distributed tracing. It supports the team in critical conditions that should be addressed and resolves the issues through notifications.

Unified Visibility

Attain advanced observability by integrating logs, metrics, and traces into a cohesive solution. Instead of using different tools, merge these fundamental components, and resolve the issue in an agile manner.

Alert Configuration

Create specific thresholds for metrics and implement automated alert systems to ensure prompt issue resolution.

Cross-functional Collaboration

Promote teamwork among development, operational, and business units, guaranteeing complete system performance transparency.

Proactive Resolution

Csmart Observability developed in the system helps in the proactive resolution of any issues impacting the platform's overall health.


Master Your System's Health with Csmart Observability: Real-Time Insights, Proactive Solutions, Unified Visibility.


Business Benefits

A single source tool

Experience seamless operations with Csmart Observability, which gathers logs, metrics, and traces into a unified source.

Improve End-User Experience

It provides the ability to observe potential issues before the customer is aware of it. This innovative approach ensures continuous customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Real-time Performance

Csmart Observability provides real-time data and analytics, allowing you to smoothly track live fluctuations and uncover intricate system behaviour patterns.

Elevating System Performance with High Scale

It helps improve the overall system performance and provides a clear path towards greater scalability and reliability.

Reduced Costs

Extended debugging periods cost a lot of time and money, which Csmart Observability can reduce in the long run.

Helpful Business Analytics

Csmart Observability data-driven analytics help to gain a deeper understanding of key performance indicators (KPIs), including return on investment (ROI) and your financial success.

Transform monitoring practices to drive efficiency, and deliver exceptional results